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Why the series circuit of medium frequency furnace energy saving?

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  • 1. The product has a high power factor to the power grid. The medium frequency IF power supply is a voltage type series inverter, the rectification has been working at zero degree, not rectifying, only adjusting the inverter, so the power factor is high, more than 0.95, no high order harmonics. In all smelters, we will provide users with substantial benefits in terms of energy saving, operation and production. We guarantee that the power factor of the device is always greater than 0.95 under any condition.

    2. The product saves electricity. Due to the design of series resonant circuit, the reactive current is small, and the power consumption is greatly reduced. 0.5 tons 300KW medium frequency furnace iron 1450 degrees electricity consumption 680 degrees, melt steel 1600 degrees electricity consumption 720 degrees. Parallel thyristor 0.5 T intermediate frequency furnace needs 500KW transformer to drive. The 0.5 ton intermediate frequency furnace with series connection can work normally as long as the 300KW transformer. And the power consumption is very small. Long term savings in computing capacity cost more than 100 thousand yuan a year.

    3. The product always maintains constant power output during the smelting process. Compared with the parallel inverter medium frequency power supply, the power regulation mode is different. The parallel medium frequency power supply is regulated by the DC voltage. And our company's production of this product is frequency modulation. It is not affected by the burden of the furnace, and maintains constant power throughout the smelting process. Especially when melting stainless steel, copper, industrial silicon, aluminum and other non magnetic materials, it shows its superiority. The melting speed is fast, the burden of furnace elements is less, the energy saving effect is better, and the casting cost is reduced.

    4. The power transformer is small in capacity. Take half ton furnace as an example, the half ton IF series intermediate frequency furnace is only 300KW, the voltage of the transformer will be 380V at low voltage. In this way, for a general foundry enterprise, only one transformer less than 315KVA can be shared by a power transformer, such as lighting, driving and water pumps. In some areas, the power supply department only requires the transformer to be larger than 315KW to pay 28 yuan per month. This saves about one hundred thousand yuan a year.


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