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Alkali metal refining process

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  • The aluminum melt contains a large amount of trace elements, which has a certain negative impact on the properties of aluminum alloy. How to minimize these elements, the new alkali metal refining medium frequency furnace of Luoyang Wanle Electrical Equipment Plant can achieve the following effects, accessories 1-6 is the test report of aluminum alloy content, which is provided by the Nonferrous Metals Industry Heavy Metal Processing Material Inspection Station of China.














    The controllable melt flow of the intermediate frequency electric furnace produced by Luoyang Wanle Electrical Equipment Plant as follows:

    Special induction power supply structure


    1/3, 2/2 and full capacity charge can be output at full power. It can flexibly produce without reducing the cost of electricity, and ensure that the power factor is always above 0.97; the power output accuracy is controlled at 1%. In the non-full furnace state, the output power can be precisely controlled to ensure the process control accuracy under various conditions; the furnace capacity can be automatically adapted without changing any part of the equipment. Easy to operate, effectively improve production efficiency.

    Various flow modes of the melting liquid:




    By controlling the flow direction of the melt in the intermediate frequency furnace, we can achieve the homogenization and dispersion distribution of the alloy composition, effectively improve the performance of the material under the as-cast condition, greatly reduce the pressure on the heat treatment of the material in the later stage, and reduce the energy consumption and production cost.

    Effect of multiple melt flow directions on as-cast microstructure of materials

    The device adopts a group output mode to control the direction and strength of liquid flow in the furnace body to achieve uniformization of the composition of complex alloys. For the non-ferrous metals industry, its homogenization is particularly evident.

    The following is a comparison of the as-cast microstructure of the same aluminum alloy in a common intermediate frequency furnace and in a melt flow controllable intermediate frequency furnace.


    The process does not need to add any substance, the furnace has its own stirring function, stirs from the inside to the outside to form a convex page, and forms a concave liquid surface from the outside to the inside, and stirs for 10 minutes. In the process of high temperature stirring, calcium, sodium, lithium, etc. The ingredients are oxidized and volatilized to achieve a higher purity aluminum melt. For the page situation, please see the project case video:三相逆变搅拌(凹)三相逆变搅拌(凸)

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