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Importance of cooling water in IF induction furnace:

Publish time:2017-07-22 16:01:53

The Copper coil,Yoke, Water Cooled Cable and power supply cabinet where high load current power parts cooling water required, cooling water system as the key system in IF fenace. It is an important component to ensure the normal operation and safe operation of the equipment.  

 First, equipment cooling requirements: 

1.According to water supply pressure,flow ruled in the "operate instruction" to supply water.  

2.Try the best to use industrial soft water --PH value: 7.2 ~ 8.03, it is best to do the power supply cooling and furnace cooling by the special cooling tower water supplyrespectively. In particular, the power shall be cooled by a water to water exchanger or a closed cooling tower.

4. With the acidity of water and calcium magnesium impurities gradually increased, there will be corrosion or scale, affecting the heat exchanger cooling effect and service life, the cooling equipment should promptly clean.

5. The water inlet and outlet of the inductor and the water cooling cable are equipped with a pressure gauge, a thermometer and a water pressure regulating switch, etc. to monitor the cooling water system, and when the setting value is lower than the setting value, the sound and light alarm can be sent out.

6. furnace cooling water inlet pipe total with manual butterfly valve, to save energy and consumption of cooling water, in winter, summer season and in the two stage of iron melting furnace and thermal regulation of cooling water so as to reduce the total amount of water, cooling water heat away from the stove body, reduce the consumption of electricity.

 Second, intermediate frequency furnace power, furnace parts of the water cycle, users should consider the installation of emergency water sources, the method has the following two points:

1. Install spare power generating units and capacity of standby power unit, and the pump control switch can switch power supply and power generating units (not grid and generator connected at the same time, otherwise easy to burn, can be started to drive the turbine) furnace circulating pump still work when the power generating units in the park. Medium frequency power supply should be installed two pumps, one as a main pump, one as a standby pump, use valve control, in a pump motor burned case, you can switch to another pump operation.

2.To install a water storage tank on the housing height,and the water storage tank through a valve connected on the water inlet end of the furnace body, and the inlet of the furnace body through the valve can automatically switch on the water in the pool water and water tank, in the sudden blackout to furnace water circulating through the valve switch to water circulating water system. Water flow through the valve control should not be too high, make the furnace outlet water temperature not prevail. The utility model can prevent the carbonization of the insulation rod of the furnace due to the lack of power supply and water shortage effectively .

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