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The characteristics of IF induction furnace

Publish time:2016-08-31 16:53:13

Intermediate frequency induction furnace produced by Luoyang Wanle Electrical Equipment Plant , has the following characteristics:


fast melting speed , uniform solution temperature , small oxidation loss ,uniform metal composition .

2 can be melting directly from the cold furnace, all solution can be empty, convenient replacement of varieties;


3 the shell is made of aluminum alloy or steel shell structure, small floor area;


4 easy operation and maintenance, good work environment, less pollution;


5 configurable fast melting type, power distribution type and other forms, flexible configuration, convenient;


6 compared with power frequency induction furnace,intermediate frequency induction furnace with moderate electromagnetic stirring, long service life, the runtime can automatically track the changes of load parameters, there is no need to adjust the compensation capacitance;


7 power adjustment is flexible and convenient,sustainable and stable adjustment ;


8 furnace body turning and overturning convenient,can be selected according to the need of electric, manual, hydraulic and other tilting furnace


9 can be in any state at any time to start or stop.

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