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IF power supply

Payment terms : L/C,T/T

Trade terms : FOB

Certificates: ISO9001,SGS,CE 


   IF power supply adopts the control technology of international advanced technology level .At the output end of copper, there is an grounding switch at the position close to the coil . When repairing the furnace , you can let the furnace and copper coil of one side be shorted to ground in order to ensure the safety of operating personnel. All of the thyristor and diode products in the cabinet are from Taiji. Power supply cabinet is made of high-strength cold-rolled steel sheet which is 2 mm thick. After opening the door,you can easily be close to the various parts of the rectifier and inverter and so on. The copper bar and copper pipe in  power cabinet are well-known brands,which are anodized normatively.The components in power supply cabinet have characteristics of reasonable layout, easy maintenance, easy cabling (drawings). Maintenance personnel can easily access to all service points.

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