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Luoyang Wanle ElectricalEquipment Plant was established at 1992. At1993, Luoyang Wanle Electrical Equipment Plant was granted as High and New Technology Enterprise by the Science and Technology Committee of Luoyang.

In IF Induction Furnace field, the company has been the leader for more than20 years. Besides it was the first in China to produce 1.5T, 750KW IF Melting Furnace at 1995.

With the more than 20years’ development, our company has been known to the domestic and abroad. Based on excellent product quality and after-sale service, our products have been exported world like Sweden, Spain, UK, Latvia, Norway, Iran, Malaysia, Indonesia, Pakistan, Vietnam and some other Southeast Asian nations, and more products are exported to African countries. Besides, our company is the first in China to export Induction Furnace Equipment to European countries.

Our company is professionally in research, designing, and manufacturing for industrial Electric Furnace and Power Supply Device. It is specialized in Electric Induction Heating Furnace with strong economical and technical strength, rich design, production experience and excellent after-sale service. Its products are widely used for metallurgy, machinery, automotive, agricultural machinery, hardware and so on.

The company is rich of technical strength and gathered with a lot experienced and innovative talent personals. The company is applying advanced technology from abroad to domestic industrial heating field with innovation to improve the technology of domestic electrical furnace manufacturing.

At present,our company provides users all over the country with the main products of Medium Melting Furnace, Thermal Preservation Furnace, IF Induction Heating Furnace, IF Quenching Equipment,Induction Tempered Production Line, IF electric furnace , Annealing Furnace, Car-bottom Furnace and all kinds of Heat Treating Equipment and the related service of debugging and maintaining sold products.

The products we produced are strictly in accordance with the requirement of the National Electric Heating Equipment Standard and Industry Standard in technology and quality, applying generally control and inspection from designing to manufacturing process. To ensure the quality and service age of the products, especially the electric components and hydraulic components we applied, are all components manufactured by the domestic high-quality and the international well-known joint venture.

It is our unremitting pursuit to help you solve problems in producing with our effort!

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