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Comparison of the advantages of steel shell furnace and aluminum shell furnace

  • 2017-05-12 15:57:06 Luoyang Wanle Electrical Equipment Plant 1165
  • Compared with the aluminum shell furnace, the steel shell furnace has the following advantages:

    1)The steel shell furnace is durable and beautiful, especially the large capacity furnace (generally more than 1.5-2 tons recommended by the steel shell furnace) needs strong rigid structure. Considering the safety angle of the furnace, the steel shell furnace should be chosen as far as possible.

    2)Steel shell furnace with silicon steel sheets assembly Yoke shields and launches magnetic lines generated by induction coils, reduces magnetic leakage, improves thermal efficiency, increases production and saves energy by around 5%-8%.

    3)The existence of the steel shell furnace lid reduces the loss of heat and improves the safety of the equipment.

    4)The steel shell furnace has a long service life, and the oxidation of aluminum at high temperature is more serious, resulting in metal fatigue. At the site of the foundry enterprise, it is often seen that the shell of the aluminum shell furnace for about one year is broken, and the steel shell furnace has much longer service life than the aluminum shell furnace because of the less magnetic flux.

    5) The safety performance of the steel shell furnace is much better than that of the aluminum shell furnace. When the aluminum shell furnace is smelted, due to the high temperature and heavy pressure, the aluminum shell is easily deformed and the safety is poor. The steel shell furnace uses the hydraulic tilting furnace, which is safe and reliable.

    Although the steel shell furnace is superior to the aluminum shell furnace, you should also proceed from the return of the economic investment and decide to choose the aluminum shell furnace or the steel shell furnace according to the weight of the dissolving material. Aluminum shell furnace can be selected, but the thickness and weight of the furnace shell must be paid attention to and safety in production.

    Why are the prices of the same type of products vary greatly and how to choose intermediate frequency melting furnaces?

    The price of the same type of medium frequency induction furnace is very different. As an example of the 1 ton furnace, the market price is sometimes several times different, which is related to the structure of the furnace, the selection of components, the technical content, the after-sales service and the quality of the equipment.

    1. Different material selection

    Furnace shell and yoke: the choice of the shell of the aluminum shell furnace, the standard 1 ton aluminum shell furnace shell weight is 400Kg casting aluminum alloy, the thickness is 40mm. Some manufacturers often have insufficient weight and thickness. The most important part of the steel shell furnace is the choice of the yoke. The choice of the yoke of the same type of steel shell furnace is different, and the price gap is very large. In general, a new Z11 high conductivity cold rolled silicon steel sheet should be made. The thickness of the silicon steel sheet is 0.3mm, the shape of the inner arc and the induction coil are the same, so that the yoke can be closely attached to the outside of the induction coil and the maximum limit of the coil to spread out the magnetic force line, and the yoke from both sides of the stainless steel plate. And stainless steel clamping, welding fixed, water cooling.

    Copper tube and copper bar: as we all know, the core of the melting furnace is induction coil. The choice of cold extruded copper tube or copper tube is far from the effect. The T2 cold extrusion copper tube with large section should be used. The surface insulation of the copper pipe should be treated by electrostatic spraying to achieve the H insulation. In order to protect its insulation strength, the surface is wrapped with mica belt and alkali free glass ribbon on the surface once, and then moistureproof insulating enamel. There is a certain gap between the turns of the coil, and the refractory mud should be infiltrated into the slot in the coil of the coil, and the adhesion on the line on the coil is strengthened. After the refractory mud is built, the inner surface is smooth and the lining is dismantled so as to protect the coil, and a few turns of stainless steel water cooling ring is added at both ends of the coil to increase the overall rigidity. It is good for heat dissipation.(Some manufacturers use copper or T3 copper tubes with poor conductivity and easy to break and leak. Special attention should be paid to them. Our company selects "Chinalco Luoyang Copper ", the quality is first.

    SCR: the SCR used by various manufacturers is generally uneven. The quality of SCR is good in temperature sensitivity, quick in reaction and low in failure rate. So choose the well-known manufacturer's silicon controlled rectifier, the quality is reliable and stable.(At the time of selection, the manufacturer of the silicon controlled silicon controlled manufacturer is required to show the product qualification certificate of the SCR manufacturer, and the quality SCR has: Xiangfan Semiconductor, Xi'an electric power and so on. Our company selects SCR from Xiangfan Semiconductor company.

    Power cabinet: normal manufacturer's power cabinet is of standard size. Irregular factory power cabinet also shrink, height, width and thickness are not enough, and some even put the reactor outside the power cabinet. The intermediate frequency power supply of the regular manufacturer is equipped with a low voltage switch, which does not require users to configure the voltage switchgear in addition. Some of the manufacturers do not install low-voltage switches inside the power supply, which increases the cost of users. (good quality low voltage switch has Tianshui the Great Wall, deli and so on).

    Capacitance: the most important of the capacitor cabinet for reactive compensation is to be equipped with sufficient quantity. Generally, the compensation value of the capacitor is 18----20 times of the power of the power supply, that is, the capacitance compensation (Kvar)   =  (18----20) x power. Select the capacitor of the regular manufacturer. Our company selects the Xin'An River "Wei Wei" brand in Zhejiang.

    Reactor: the main material of the reactor is silicon steel sheet. The new products produced by regular factories should be selected, and the used silicon steel sheets should not be recycled.


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