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The problems before the normal starting of the device.

Publish time:2017-02-16 13:25:47

    The device can not start,or it is difficult in starting.Here are some common situations and their cause analysis.

    (1) The device can not start. When you start,only the DC ammeter indicates but the DC voltage and frequency voltage have no indication.

     a.  The inverter leads to pulses and there will be the phenomenon of missing pulses ;

     b.  Inverter thyristor breaks down;

     c.  Capacitor breaks down;

     d.  There is phenomenon of load short circuit and ground leading;

     e.  IF signal sampling leads to open circuit or short circuit to the loop.

    (2) Difficulty in starting.After starting up, the intermediate frequency voltage is twice higher than DC voltage, and the DC current is too large.

     a.  There is a thyristor inverter damage in the inverter circuit;

     b.  There is a non-conducting inverter SCR, namely "three legs" are working;

     c.  There is an open circuit in the IF sampling loop or wrong polarity;

     d.  Phase shifting circuit breaks down.
    (3) Difficulty in starting.After starting, the DC voltage is hard to reach or approach to full load, and the reactor vibrations with a boring sound.

     a.  Thyristor rectifier is open, broken down, soft broken down or the performance of electrical parameters have decreased.

     b.  Lack of a rectifier pulse ;

     c.  The gate of rectifier SCR is open or shorted.
    (4) The device can not start, but stop immediately after starting. The device is repeatedly starting.

     a.  The lead angle is too small;

     b.  The load oscillation frequency is at the edge of its excitation frequency
    (5) After the device starting, it is easy to occur the over-current protection, and sometimes thyristor originals will be burned when the power rises to a certain value.The phenomenon remains the same when started again.

     a.  If it occurs over-current protection at a low voltage , the inverter lead angle is too small to make the thyristor not reliably turned off.

     b.  The cooling effect of thyristor inverter water jacket is reduced.

     c.  Tank connecting leads have poor contacts.

    (6) Nothing happens when the device starts up, the light of phase loss on the control panel is lighten.

     a.  It is because of burning out of fuse.

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