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Service concept

The spirit of the company in line with the user supreme service, the user needs as the service target, user's success is the success of the suppliers.So our products implements "turnkey project" during the installating and debugging time , package installation and debugging is free of charge. Until we produce the qualified products . Before the equipment and accessories completely to the user , free technical training to operators and technical service for free in the one year warranty period, technical service only charge cost out of the warranty period of technical service.

Commitment to quality

As investors, to ensure the products of our company can completely satisfy the requirements of the tender documents, ensure the quality of roducts,Our company mainly take the following quality assurance measures.

1.The high credibility of commitments

Good reputation has always been the focus of our company, we always put customer satisfaction first, as a bidder, we will implement the promise according the bid documents, providing customers with high quality products on schedule according to the number of product.

2.The strict quality control measures for the Components

Strictly control of product components, accomplish every components into the factory to undergo a rigorous quality inspection, the unqualified will reback and repair, expired components resolutely refused to put in storage.

3.Technical means

All product design adopt computer aided design, make the quality problems of the product caused by design omissions are greatly reduced.

4.Perfect quality assurance system

l production links are implemented strictly according to the iso9001 regulation, product design and product manufacturing product quality control, product testing responsibility to the engineer or worker, key projects, key-module production has set up quality control point, make the product manufacturing process form a strict quality control process.

5.Well-qualified staff

All engineering technicians and production workers are recruted from the national key factory and transformer switch industry factory , with rich experience and excellent technology as the guarantee of product quality.

6.Strict quality control procedures and strict inspection system

Products through a multi-channel testing procedures, product quality responsibility to everyone , For the factory test project .we get through team -workshop- warehouse,three level steps tested and each item according to the standard testing, if there are unqualified products . this product will return back for all rework, and the responsibility man will be punished, the administrative department will punished too .and quality consciousness will put into the hearts of every employee.

7.Thoughtful and comprehensive technical services

Our company will manufacture according to the demand of the quality requirements provided by customer, during the process of equipment production or after the equipment delivery, Our company can train the operators and maintenance personnel in my company or the user's site free of charge. generaly the training time is about 1-7 days, the number of Training specified by the user, the training content is equipment maintenance preventive maintenance operation and replacement , and the training teachers is the experienced engineers of our company, time arrangement are determined by the user.

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