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0.5T aluminum melting furnace with steel shell

Certificates: ISO9001,SGS,CE 

Capacity of furnace: 0.5ton

Power: 300KW

Inductor Voltge: 3200V

Rated Frequency: 2000Hz

Capacity of Transformer: 315kVA

Rectifier Pulse Supply: 6 phases and 12 pulses

Power consumption: 390kW.h/t

High of the Furnace Body: 1400mm


    The medium frequency electric power cabinet, compensation capacitor banks, the furnace body, magnetic yoke and the water cooling cable.


1 Introduction

    The steel shell medium frequency melting furnace was composed by the medium frequency electric power cabinet, the implement capacitor array, the furnace body, the magnetic yoke and water cooling cable, hydraulic station, the furnace discharging control cabinet, was mainly used in melting the steel, iron, copper ,aluminum and the alloy, it has the advantage of high melting efficiency ,energy saving, the even metal composition, less heat loss ,temperature rising faster and easy control, suitable for many kinds of metal melting.

Product Advantages


3 The parameters of steel shell furnace (0.5T)


( More parameters can be seen in product specifications )

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